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11/23/09 10:21 pm - relinquished972 - [fic] Harem: Resonance, Prologue

It's been a while since I last wrote, but here's a new ficage offering. I've decided to rewrite an old fic, I'm not sure if you guys on LJ have ever followed it, called "Harem", which began as a Yu-Gi-Oh fic but has since spread to encompass Prince of Tennis as well.

For those of you who did follow it, you may remember that I dropped it about three years back when I started university. Well, I have finally found some time to read over my old fics, especially "Harem", and since I'm on summer vacation for three and a half months and am also currently unemployed, I have decided to pick up "Harem" again.

It's a fresh start, so for those of you who did not read "Harem" back in the days, you will not need to read it as well. This new fic is almost completely different in storyline, there are some character changes and some shuffling around of roles. For more diversity, I have also incorporated characters from both Strawberry Panic and Prince of Tennis, though the characters from the latter will play a more prominent role further down the track. I have kept in mind past reviewers' comments about pairings and such and will try to play around with every one of them if possible.

So, without further ado, I will leave you all to read my newest production.

Harem: Resonance ~ Prologue (clicky on the linky :D)

3/13/09 04:56 pm - bramblyhuck - Take Me To The Water

After a very long time, having been wading through a very deep Joker obsession since last summer, I updated my puppyship fic 'Take Me To The Water'! Exciting stuff.

The way in which I've been writing my YuGiOh fics means they are all related to one another in terms of the events I've put the characters through. I haven't written a series, but if you want the full scope of some of the things about this fic, you may have to read one or two others. Please refer to my fanfiction profile to find out more.

ANYWAY, I've just posted Chapter Six of Take Me To The Water over at ff.net, just find it via the above link. Please have a read and review. I encourage constructive critique (and plain old compliments of course)

Thanks yooooou ♥

Title: Take Me To The Water
Author: bramblyhuck</lj>/Finnhart
Rating: T
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Main Characters: Seto, Jounouchi (and Yuugi, sort of)
Shipping: Vague Seto/Jounouchi and very vague Seto/Yuugi (puppshipping and rivalshipping)
Summary: Seto is coaxed into accompanying Mokuba and Yuugi’s gang on a camping trip. How will he cope with socialising around openfires, skinnydipping in the river and most nauseatingly of all, sharing a tent with a mutt?


10/7/08 06:06 pm - bramblyhuck

Title: Brown Paper Parcel
Status: Oneshot (2007)
Author: bramblyhuck (me)
Characters: Seto, Mokuba and OC
Genre: General/Family
Warnings & Rating: Cussing, PG
Link: Please go to bramblyhuck_ygo for the archive of my YuGiOh fics and find 'Brown Paper Parcel' (won't be too hard, I've only uploaded 2 of my fics so far lol)

9/29/08 04:41 pm - medianoche13 - Hello

Hi everyone, new member here. Firstly, I'd like to offer my beta-reading services:

Name: medianoche (on this site), or AirGirl Phantom (on fanfiction.net)
Email or where you can be contacted: avatard_13@yahoo.com
Specializes in: Characterization, grammar/spelling, plot, dialogue.
Offer open for: ever
Will not beta works containing: Explicit yaoi (anything that cannot be passed off as just friendship), yuri, anything that takes place mainly in ancient Egypt, too many OCs (one or two is fine, but too many is too many).

And now, here are two of my fics. The first is a story, the second is a poem.

Title: Common Sense and Vulgarity
Author: AirGirl Phantom (me)
Characters: Yugi, Yami, Bakura, Marik (basically the whole gang from Battle City finals)
Genre: Drama/Friendship
Rating: T (for mild language)
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4420329/1/Common_Sense_and_Vulgarity

Title: The Raven's Candle
Author: AirGirl Phantom (me)
Characters: Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura
Genre: Poetry
Rating: K+
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4512895/1/The_Ravens_Candle

8/28/08 08:23 am - juukai

Title:The Slayer: Chinmoku no Senshi
Author: Kikoken
Summary: “The humans longed for a savior,” he mused, watching the woman kill one vampire after another. “She may be the one to finally defeat me after all.” A dark laugh escaped his lips as he turned away, ignoring the screams of those foolish enough to challenge her blade.
Rating: M
Pairing(s): Hints of Ishizu x Pegasus, and hints of Atem x Shizuka
Feedback: I accept criticism, and good fedback. I am not afraid of feedback for my stories at all. That helps me improve on my writing. I've been very annoyed with reviews lately, only because I'm making a comeback with writing and people barely have interest in my stories anymore. *Please* at least look at my story. Thank you.


5/17/08 04:23 pm - obabscribbler - Whole bunch of fics on FFN

I was a busy girl ... inasmuch as I wrote them but forgot to post them here. sory about that. All these plus my older works are available here.

Author: Scribbler (obabscribbler)
Canon: YGO Original Series

The Price of Fame is Not Tax Deductible
[One Shot.] Anzu sometimes wonders what it would be like to be fought over instead of fighting over someone else. It's her against Yuugi's Duel Monsters fans, and this is a far tougher battle than any magical megalomaniac waving a pack of cards. [Humour. Not a parody.]

Handcuffs and Hormones 
[One Shot.] Honda, Jounouchi and Yuugi discuss Anzu's ... 'preferences'. [Humour]

[One Shot.] Yuugi remembered why he didn’t go jogging with Anzu around the time his lungs tried to crawl up his throat and hurl themselves onto the pavement. YuugiAnzu. [Humour/Romance]

Fairy Princess
[One Shot.] In which Anzu exacts a special revenge on Jounouchi for insulting her cooking, while Honda, Yuugi and Yami look on and wince. Cross-dressing, liberal misuse of glitter and one rude word within. [Humour]

[One shot.] The gang grow up, but not everything is as it seems. Life beyond the Millennium Items is chaotic and fast and slow and tearstained and smiling and nothing whatsoever like they imagined. Then Yuugi gets a phone call about a tragedy in New York... [Gen/Angst]

4/4/08 12:14 am - dr_wats0n - Ello + Two Fics

(insert standard "pimpin' my fics is the best way to introduce myself" comment here)

Hello, everyone. I've found some pretty good fics through this community in the past, so I though I'd join, now that I've started writing my own and opened an LJ account and all.

Title: What Fate Is
Author: D-Watson
Characters: Anzu and Yami Yugi
Genre: Friendship fic, (kind of) Romance
Rating: K
Summary: In the aftermath of Battle City, the other Yugi wonders about fate. Anzu wonders about her crush on the other Yugi. Revolutionshipping. Kinda. Not really.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4110367/1/What_Fate_Is

Title: All Things
Author: D-Watson
Characters: Jonouchi and Yami Yugi
Genre: Friendship/General
Rating: K
Summary: Post Yu-Gi-Oh! R. Oftentimes, even the most sinister plots are pushed forward by the simplest and oldest of all reasons: love. A conversation on the school roof leads the other Yugi and Jonouchi to some interesting observations.

3/15/08 09:59 am - obabscribbler - Variation on a Theme Continuity fic-list

Variant-verse is an alternative universe in which one decision Yuugi made as a child changed the course of canon forever. Sometimes tiny choices create the biggest impact and while the alternative isn't always better, sometimes, against all expectations, it generates bonds and allows second chances nobody would've expected.

Variation on a Theme 
[Five chapters; complete] When Yuugi was ten, he gave away something to cement a friendship: The Millennium Puzzle. But the safety of the world needs the Puzzle solved, right? Well, yes. Yuugi's friend Anzu didn't realise what kind of gift she was accepting. 

Nothing Much in Particular by </a></font></b></a>yma2
[one shot] In which Yuugi and Yami-in-Anzu's-body stay up late at night with a jar of honey doing nothing much in particular [written as an extra scene that takes place during Variation on a Theme].

[one shot] Anzu's soul has vanished into the ether, but getting it back means first overcoming how losing her has changed the group. [Missing scenes from Chapter 5 of Variation on a Theme].

It Only Hurts When I Breathe 
[Three chapters; complete] After Doma, Valon convinces a reluctant Mai to go for coffee with him. Just a coffee, he promises. No strings. Easier said than done considering how she dislikes him. Plus, someone's out to kill them for their part in Dartz's defeat. Awkward moments ahoy!

Hand of Friendship 
[one shot] A post-Egypt spin off. Anzu, with Yami in tow, makes a new friend in New York. [Crossover with X Men: Evolution]

Fish Out of Troubled Water 
[one shot] Anzu's bringing a friend home from America for Christmas. However, a quiet holiay's more complicated with a grumpy dead Pharaoh and the world's most famous mutant teenager. [X Men: Evolution crossover].

2/15/08 10:32 pm - obabscribbler - Dark!fic - Battle City

 Unchained Elegy by Scribbler

The smell of Anzu's blood and seawater soaking his shirt, his ankle throbbing where the manacle cut in, Shizuka dragging Jounouchi ashore and Mokuba telling him paramedics were coming when it was already too late - these things would be burned into his memory forever. Things go drastically wrong at Battle City.
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